Passion and Creativity flow hand in hand.

Art Helps me to Push trough challenges of life and to tell my story to those willing to listen


Freelance Hobbyist with Big Dreams

I am an Artist from Slovenia curently living abroad.
I am looking to reach more and more people with my art and ideas, to maybe one day Turn my hobby into a Living. Till then i will share my ideas and passion all around the world

What Are My Works

Character Design

Character design is so much more than showing a design of a Character. Its Thier Personaly and thier Story reflecting in Thier designs which i Adore to show.


The biggest Passion is turning 2D Art into gorgeous Physical Objects, let it be Stationeri Ítems, apeareal and more


Telling A story , letting characters interact with Each other and the enviorment in one picture isnt easy but i always love a good challenge which again and again i am able to find in illustration work.